USANA CoQuinone Benefits

USANA CoQ10 Man Running

USANA CoQuinone Benefits

Coquinone, or commonly known as CoQ10 is by far one of the most under-recognised nutrients of our time but the benefits for the body, in particular the Heart muscle is huge.

Found in fish, Mackerel, Cereal brans, nuts, spinach, broccoli and eggs. CoQ10 enzymes have vitamins attached to small molecules which are absorbed intact, and like USANA Probiotic they are not affected by stomach acids, what’s become a essential partners for enzymes.

Called ubiquinone, Coenzymes non-toxic, fat soluble, vitamin like nutrient manufactured in the liver but get this, when a person is prescribed statin drugs from their Dr, the production of CoQ10 is reduced to near non-existent levels. This has a negative ripple effect on the body (and potentially our energy levels)

CoQ10 Could Improve Cellular Energy.

USANA CoQ10 Man Running

USANA Coquinone benefits are far and wide. It’s essential for the production of energy. It provides the catalyst (spark or ignition) in a biochemical process for producing energy in the cell mitochondria – which is the powerhouse of the cell.

USANA CoQ10 is the enzyme which fires up the chemical reaction in the electron transport chain.

If you take CoQ10 out of the equation there is no energy being produced. This is how important the CoQ10 nutrient is to our body, and to the heart.

USANA CoQuinone Could Benefit Our Immune system

As we age, a link between declining CoQ10 production and low immunity has been studied by scientists. CoQ10 has powerful antioxidant properties that protect cells from free radicals, maintaining their vital oxygen lifeline [controlling oxygen flow in the cells)

The USANA Cellsentials also contain critical vitamin and minerals plus other co-factors and bio-flavonoids that are essential to the health of every living cell in your body. They help neutralize the free radical build up from modern day environmental factors and foods and when coupled with a healthy lifestyle and exercise it becomes a lifetime (literally) winning formula.

The importance of our immune system given today’s events around the world is critical. USANA CoQ10 Cellsentials and USANA Proglucamune are probably three of the most important vitamin supplements we should be consuming today, not at the expense often unhealthy lifestyle but in addition to healthy eating and exercise.

It has been discovered to have similar properties to vitamin E, protecting against blood lipid peroxidation (serious membrane damage). CoQ10 has been discovered to stimulate the production of macrophages, which are special immune system cells that engulf, or cordon off bacteria and foreign material which invade the body – now that’s what we call next level!

CoQ10 also is an immunostimulating agent able to enhance antibody (IgG) Levels an increase anti-disease effect.

How CoQ10 Benefits the Heart and More

Heart Health USANA CoQ10

Heart patients at the Texas Heart Medical Research Centre were given CoQ10 showed improvement in heart efficiency, cardiac output and stroke volume.

It has shown the heart to slowly change from a degenerative disease process and began to develop better health. There are several other studies showing health benefits for heart condition patients who regularly supplement CoQ10. It would appear oxygen utilization was improved without increasing exercise – so the heart wasn’t as stressed or overworked when CoQ10 supplements were used.

Positive effects of USANA CoQuinone doesn’t stop there. Every cell in our body, and we’re talking 50 trillion+ cells need energy and the food we eat is the primary source of energy for our cells.

This food is ultimately broken down into lots of molecules that are stored in the (powerhouse) of our cells. This process is very complicated to understand but one of the most important nutrients as part of this process is, CoQ10. Some of our most energy consuming organs, Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Lungs, Brain, heart and muscles all use the antioxidant benefits of CoQ10. It assists in keeping all these processes strong.

CoQ10 and it’s Benefits on Blood Pressure

Studies in the USA and Japan show a reduction in blood pressure of cardiac high-risk patients by supplementing this CoQ10. There appears that the evidence between the coenzyme and blood pressure are positively linked.

In sport, USANA CoQuinone (CoQ10) is involved in all energy production, it has shown to have a positive impact on heart function, it has shown to increase tissue oxygenation and is a potent antioxidant.

It has been included in many sport formulations and alongside USANA’s Active Nutrition Range, it is one of the most popular products for the USANA athletes.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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