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Why USANA Health Sciences? 

USANA Health Sciences, the cellular nutrition company is a world-renowned health and wellness research and product manufacturing facility based in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.


USANA comprises over 115 scientists, biochemists, dieticians, food technologists and experts in genetics, natural product chemistry, gut health and microbiome and clinical researchers and together they have over 25 patents for USANA nutritional science.

USANA has a primary focus. Bring to market the highest quality, most sought-after, science-based nutritional support systems the world has ever seen. Products that help promote health and wellness, without compromise.

USANA Products currently are reaching over 500,000 customers in over 30 markets internationally. Asia Pacific market comprises over 80% market share with Americas and Europe having 19.7% market share.

USANA India is their most recent market to open in 2024.

USANA Vitamin Products, Celavive Skincare and USANA Food Range

USANA Benefits

USANA Vitamin Products have found their way into the Olympic circuit with now over 4,500 elite professional athletes trusting their health to USANA Vitamins.

USANA manufactures not only world-class nutritional products but has added a  natural Skincare range called USANA Celavive.

Alongside Celavive, USANA also produces a tasty, healthy food line, USANA Active Nutrition, which they manufacture in their new state-of-the-art facility.

USANA Health Sciences has been operating as a leading nutritional research and product manufacturer since 1992.

To date, they have won over 500 national and international awards across all categories – innovation, technical, science development, product development to management and team.

So, you might ask Why USANA attracts some of the highest-profile athletes in the world. USANA provides an Athlete Guarantee which allows them to consume products without the fear of being contaminated with ingredients that could test them positive in a drug test. 

Growth Strategy

USANA is always finding innovative ways to grow and develop new international markets and although they have been running for over 30 years as a leading nutritional manufacturer, USANA feels they are still young and still have a lot more growth ahead of them. 

USANA reached over a billion dollars in sales in 2018 and is expected to become a multi-billion dollar company by 2025.

As part of the international expansion plan, USANA’s primary focus will be to attract and retain new preferred customers and distributors and personalize nutrition,

USANA understands that everybody’s DNA is unique and therefore each person requires personalized nutrition.

USANA’s state-of-the-art healthcare products are already helping thousands of individuals achieve wellness with The USANA MyHealthPak. A shining example of personalized nutrition.

Get started on your journey to health and wellness by becoming USANA’s newest business distributor and making a difference to others. 

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Alternatively, you may just want to join USANA as a preferred customer for free, and try the USANA Product range for yourself and experience what 500,000 others are feeling around the world.

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So Why USANA? USANA will continue, no matter what, to supply the world with better nutrition systems so we have the best chance at living a disease-free life.

USANA will continue to strive to be the best of the best. That’s Why USANA chooses to play at a level that is unheard of among nutritional manufacturers. 

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