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USANA Health Sciences – The Cellular Nutrition Company

USANA Health Sciences s a world renowned health and wellness research facility based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

USANA manufacture a world class nutritional, weight management and personal care products distributed globally in over 27+ markets by independent business owners or distributors.

USANA Vitamin Products, Celavive Skincare and USANA Food Range

USANA Vitamin Products have found their way into the Olympic circuit with now over 4,500 elite professional athletes trusting their health to USANA Vitamins.

USANA manufactures not only world class nutritional products but have added a  natural Skincare range called USANA Celavive.

Alongside their skincare range, USANA Health Sciences also produce a food line, USANA Active Nutrition, which they manufacture in their new state of the art facility.

USANA Health Sciences has been operating as a leading nutritional research and product manufacturer since 1992.

To date, they have won over 500 national and international awards across all categories – innovation, technical, science development, product development to management and team.

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