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1. Simple Solutions, Real Results
Are you new to the health and wellness industry? No experience in the direct-to-consumer channel? No problem. You don’t need a résumé. If you’re willing to learn and have a passion for helping others succeed, USANA will fit in perfectly. Just think—you could start earning cash your first week by simply sharing our products with others and ordering some for yourself.

2. Outstanding Earning Potential with a USANA Business
Sure, money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you financial freedom. So break free from your cubicle and start living life on your terms. USANA’s award-winning compensation plan offers an incredible Six Ways To Earn Income. Plus, you have the chance to earn a sales commission each and every week.* Does your nine-to-five job offer that? Didn’t think so.

3. It’s All in the Family
When you become part of USANA, you’re becoming part of a worldwide family of entrepreneurs. And we take care of our family. USANA is not only produces a world class product, but it houses some of the worlds most influential business owners. These business owners alongside USANA marketing department have developed a phenomenal online business system to follow. Basically, if you need it, USANA will have a solution for you.
USANA have an award-winning customer service team in each region USANA is in. They will help get your products on the road to their destination fast, they will answer your questions and can help on-board one of your new business members too. One special things USANA has that others don’t is USANA’s Auto-Order product system. You will never need to hold any inventory. USANA will ship your products and the products for your customers direct to them. Simple solutions for the busy person who still wants to get ahead.

4. . USANA USA: Your Business. Your Way.
Okay, we get it. You like to do things your way. And with a USANA home business, you can have everything your way. When you work for yourself, you have the flexibility to work where, when, and how you like – that’s why we call it a Home Business right? You can work it from your laptop in bed, on the couch or at a cafe on a Saturday morning. No pesky alarm clock, no hanging out in traffic and no boss or time clock to punch. Sound too good to be true? That’s just what we do!

5. A World of Possibilities
Most of us need to save for vacation time, we need to stay focused on work, even when we’re sick. We’ve all had those calls and needed to head back into the office and most of us now have to travel for work – we’re over it! Stop waiting and start living. For most people who aren’t afraid of hard work – A USANA business could be your ticket to a life of adventure.
With USANA and with our strong online community of budding entrepreneurs; you can build teams all over the world and you don’t need to worry about shipping costs, products being lost, or packaging – it’s all taken care of by USANA. So relax. You just connect your customer to USANA and they’ll take care of everything else. Simple right?

6. USANA – A Class Above the Rest
USANA Products are a class in themselves. So have you ever wondered what sets us apart? USANA Products are based on science! Strict, research-based and peer-reviewed Science but it doesn’t stop there. Our in-house scientists formulate USANA’s products based on cutting-edge research.
USANA also align with the world’s elite research centres and medical institutes around the world to uncover the next nutritional discovery. 

7. Online Businesses – Our Growing Industry
USANA is more than just an incredible company—we’re an incredible company in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Direct sales play a major role in the global economy, and health and wellness products make up a good chunk of the industry’s annual sales. So go ahead and start visualizing the opportunities.

8. We’ve Got Worldwide Credibility
We’re kind of a big deal. People know us. And the USANA family includes extraordinary people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, including best-selling authors, Hollywood celebrities, scientific experts, leading health experts, experienced business professionals, and more than 4,500 world-class athletes. That’s a lot of clout and a lot of USANA products that people count on.

9. A USANA Business has Affordable Start-Up Costs
We like to keep things simple and easy. You can start your own USANA business and have your own online product shop in under 5 minutes. Just get connected in with the team here on [email protected] and we’ll get you your membership and world class training system before you can say ‘Where should we go on vacation this year Honey?’
The only required purchase to start a USANA business is our Business Development System, which has everything you need to get started. So who needs to invest thousands of dollars in a business opportunity just to make a penny? You can get a tried and true system to create the life you want. Cheaper than your average lunch with friends.

10. Experience And Trust That You Can Count On
USANA has been around for quite some time—close to 30 years to be exact. That’s a really good example of USANA’s strength in business and it’s pretty obvious – they produce world-class products.
It’s a strong indication – USANA is here to stay and it’ll last the distance. A sign our products and business model are built to last. A sign we’re on the cutting edge, leading the industry. And that’s right where we plan on staying.

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