USANA Benefits – Your New Health Approach


The USANA Benefits. Adjusting to a New Health Regime.

USANA benefits your body in more ways than one. Continue to read on to discover what your body will be going through as you continue to take USANA products.

Remember that high-quality vitamins are designed to proactively support your health, unlike some medications which are designed to treat an existing problem. (if you are taking medications, make sure you check with your doctor or health professional about any potential drug-nutrient interactions)

It’s important to understand that our delicate biochemistry is different for everyone, so the length of time before you notice a tangible benefit will depend on your body and what it needs to feel at its best.

Depending on the supplements you are taking this is what your body is potentially going to go through and what you can expect when you’re embarking on a supplement programme.

Your Energy Levels

USAN Energy Levels

USANA benefits your body by giving it all the nutrients it needs for you to perform at your highest level.

You probably won’t feel like reaching for that third cup of coffee, since you should have more energy than before. There are several vitamins & minerals responsible for energy production, high on the list are B vitamins.

The effects of B vitamins anecdotally can be fairly instantaneous whilst research has found B vitamins (alongside vitamin C and minerals) help people feel more alert.

Just some of the USANA products that benefit the body and aid energy levels: Cellsentials, HealthPak, CopaPrime, Vitamin D.

Detox Effect

High quality Vitamins and Supplements will help your body’s natural detoxification process, helping rid it of all the stuff it doesn’t need and helping cell turnover and rejuvenation.The highest rated supplements also help take the nutritious food you’re eating and convert it into pure energy and USANA products benefit in this area.

Ensure you’re taking a premium brand of product that is back by solid research and development.

If health supplements can help convert your food to energy, that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want and expect your vitamins to transform French fries into good health. No!

Maintaining a well balanced diet is key.

Initially the increased ‘detox’ function can at times cause the elimination of built up toxins leading to digestive upset, but this is short term.

Just some of the USANA products that benefit and aid in detox: Cellsentials, HealthPak, Hepasil, Fibergy, Probiotic, RESET  

Mood, Balance and Better Sleep

Pure Rest

USANA benefits your energy levels as it’s packed with B vitamins. B Vitamins are important for energy and are also vital in producing mood-boosting neurotransmitter chemicals such as serotonin.

Magnesium helps to produce serotonin too, and is involved in 300+ functions in your body. Research found that combining magnesium with other key nutrients such as zinc can help people sleep better.

Several studies have shown that magnesium can help with anxiety and perceived stress.

Some of the USANA products that aid Mood or Sleep: Cellsentials, HealthPak, CopaPrime, MagneCal D.

Radiant Skin

USANA Supplements


Beautiful skin starts from within, and when you’ve got much-needed vitamins swimming around your system, your skin regenerates due to cell over, which helps your skin look fresher and healthier.

So, if your skin is an area of concern, research has found that supplementing with antioxidants, vitamin C, and zinc improves skin radiance by increasing skin luminosity and reducing imperfections such as redness or dark circles, as well as improving the skin’s firmness. 

USANA Benefits not only the inner parts of your fabulous body but try some of the USANA products to give your skin the nutrients it needs to shine: Cellsentials, HealthPak, Proflavanol C

Combine with Celavive Skincare for optimum results. 

Digestive Issues

When you start a supplement regime it is common to experience a little nausea, but typically it happens when you take your vitamins on an empty stomach.

It’s quickly fixed if you continue taking your supplements on a full stomach – if you feel nausea when you take your supplements first thing in the morning it could be because your breakfast is too light and your digestive system hasn’t “woken up”.

If that is true for you, you could delay taking your supplements until having a mid-morning snack or later with lunch. Alternatively, you might want to half your doses and work your way up to a full dose as your body gets used to your increased nutrients.

Get that Gut Microbiome working – you’ll feel the USANA Benefits overtime

Digestive Enzymes from USANA 
USA Only

USANA Digestive Enzymes

Becoming More Engaged

USANA Benefits those who are consistent. When you choose to start a supplement regime, you’re part of the population who are generally more proactive when it comes to looking after their health. So be consistent as best you can.

In essence taking supplements is like taking a small step that then leads to taking more positive steps towards better health.

Final Thought

As with the majority of things in life, it’s very important to create a balance where your lifestyle, diet and supplement plan work together.

If you find you’re experiencing unpleasant side-effects that you think are down to your supplement routine, we recommend you consult with your health professional. They can assess your diet and lifestyle to make suitable suggestions accordingly.

Remember – consistency is key to any supplementation routine – you can only fairly judge the benefits and changes when you are 100% committed to maintaining the routine.

USANA Regular Auto Order

USANA Preferred Customer

USANA has a simple solution to those individuals wanting to maintain their health on a regular basis.

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