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Every day there is something that comes our way that makes our lives easier – and we’re generally okay with it. Whether it be a time management app for work appointments, shopping apps for our weekly shops or even Siri who has become a god-send to most people who tend to be a little forgetful.

Hey Siri…remind me when I get home to take my vitamins that I forgot to take at breakfast…’

It somewhat seems logical that we take on board the idea of vitamin subscriptions to make our daily health habits stronger. We have a gym membership, we get our shopping delivered, Amazon and Etsy are saved as bookmarks on our laptops, Uber is a click away – so lets go next level and personalize our health with vitamins delivered to your door. What a novel idea!

USANA MyHealthPak

Choosing the Best Vitamin Subscription

If you plan on taking on board a monthly subscription to improve your health you might as well spend the time to review the companies that go out of their way to ensure the research and development for your products are second to none.

Make sure you’re not wasting your time, or your beautiful money by buying sub-standard, over-marketed and hyped up bunch of fillers and binders.

Fortunately, there are not a lot of companies who specialize in supplying high quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins on a monthly basis so the research and review phase should take all that long.

Take on board to following when reviewing a vitamin subscription based services;

  1. Make sure your supplier manufactures their products to a pharmaceutical grade.
  2. You have an easy stop, pause or cancel options without any contractual obligations.
  3. You have a large variety of products that can be added to your monthly order.
  4. Incentives, cash backs or credits by introducing others to the programme.
  5. Money back guarantees without questions

Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

Personalization has grown in popularity over the last few years. We personlize our phones, laptops, number plates – all things that really matter. But why has it taken so long to personalize our health products.

Well now you can.

Options with how you take your products, where you take them and in what dosage is all on offer. You can go with a small amount of products, or a family sized amount. You can choose just vitamins, or a plethora of options with healthy snacks, protein shakes and even skincare.

We’ll be recommending you look No further, but we are a little biased. USANA has your back (and your health) when it comes to delivering you and your family outstanding nutritional support products for:

  • Immune Health
  • Heart Health
  • Joint Health
  • Gut Health
  • Eye and Nervous System
  • Weight Control
  • Skincare and more

About USANA Health Science Products

USANA is leading the nutritional market with their innovation in health. They have their FDA Approved facility in the US and manufacture a world class nutritional, personal care and healthy weight management products.

They market in over 30 countries around the world through one off purchases online, or through discounted monthly Vitamin Subscription where you can save up to 20% on retail.

Their research and development team which spans over 100 scientists across various disciplines have created dozens of patents, first to market innovations and partnered with distinguished institutions around the globe bringing you innovative ways to deliver you the best nutrients to your body.

USANA’s Patented Technology

USANA Incelligence Technology

USANA Hybrid Technology

USANA Olivol

USANA My healthPak

The Benefits of Subscribing to Vitamins on a Monthly basis.

What do we do most often when we have a magazine subscription? We tend to read the magazine because we have an interest in the material. This is probably why subscribed in the first place.

So lets fast track to your health.

At some point in time you probably had a gym membership or a subscription of some sorts. What did it enable you to do?

Kept you on track right!

This is exactly what a subscription to your favorite vitamins get you to achieve. You stay on track with your health and wellness. You save money too; and if you choose a company like USANA Health Sciences you’re choosing a leading nutritional research facility who manufacturers the highest quality nutritional support system.

Switch Up Your Subscription

USANA don’t just offer multivitamins on subscription. You can choose USANA Active Nutrition range of products to support healthy weight management. You can also choose USANA Celavive. Celavive is a natural, paraben free skincare and personal car range.

Having your protein smoothies, health bars healthy energy drinks on an automatic order, you take the guesswork out of remembering to take your products.

We asked for a show of hands with over 2,000 people at a recent health event if taking health products on subscription made it easier to improve their health habits.

It was actually hard to tell but we think we had most hands go up. I’ve been taking vitamins for so many years now it’s just something that gets done, with breakfast and at dinner. Each month, my supplements arrive via courier and it’s one less thing I need to do.

Order Vitamins Online

E-commerce has been something we have been use to for years now. Credit cards are securely saved and within a couple of clicks you can get that new top, or pair of shoes you want delivered within days.

The online portal for your online vitamins acts the same way. You first off join for Free by becoming a USANA Preferred Customer and you complete your address information, choose your intial order and set it to either a one off, or a subscription based model and you’re done!

Your favourite monthly vitamins or protein shakes will get delivered to your door every 28 days. Find you’re still getting use to taking vitamins and you find you have some extra left over to last another few weeks, well you can pop back into your account and pause your Vitamin order.

If you don’t want an order every 28 days, USANA has the flexibility to order every 56 days. Simple!

When you’re next deciding on what to buy online, remember your health. It’s easy to do and it’s easy not to do.

But by ordering your online vitamin subscription, it makes sure you stay on track with your health and wellness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Personalized Vitamins Better.

100% yes. Why take a off the shelf standardized food grade products that are mass produced using cheap ingredients when there are specific vitamins and minerals designed with your biochemistry in mind. You get to choose what products you want to add in your daily HealthPak to suit where you’re at in life. Change it up anytime!

Are Monthly Vitamin Subscriptions Worth It?

We think so. It allows you the flexability to buy online and get delivered to your work or home. You get to choose freely across the range of products that best suit you and you benefit from cheaper product prices as well.

Can I Customize a MultiVitamin?

Yes you can. USANA’s HealthPak allows you the choice of over 50 different nutrients all made to pharmaceutical grade. They are 100% guaranteed to to free from contaminents, they are complete, bioavailable and you have a money back guarantee also.

Leave a comment on what you subscribe to and why.

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