6 New USANA Active Nutrition Products – Activate Your Goals.

Active Nutrition from USANA

Activate Your Goals with USANA’s New Active Nutrition Range

There has been whispers within the global health industry that new healthy range is on the horizon – and it’s BIG.

It’s not just any run-of-the-mill Instagram ready product range.

It’s so specialized in it’s research and development that USANA had to build it’s own state of the art food plant to cater for the quality USANA holds itself to and the demand that Active Nutrition range will bring.

Read more to explore the products or Go Straight to USANA Active Nutrition Range and get excited – because we’ll be full steam a head shipping to over 27 markets USANA is part of.

USANA Active Nutrition

Many nutrition product manufacturers ask you to lay your bets on the way the product makes you look after use, often at the cost of how you feel. USANA’s line of Active Nutrition products begs to differ. USANA wants you to ask the question – how do I feel when I take these products – which may be the million-dollar question no one’s asking when they should!

If eating healthy comes at the cost of feeling great, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s what you need in a healthy lifestyle – low-GI food, your favorite physical activity (even if it’s just a stroll around the block) and a healthy gut. When these three are in balance, you’re supposed to feel good and energized throughout the day, ready to take on anything.

When you think seriously about the five things you need to think about for good health, they are, naturally-

  1. A Healthy Gut
  2. A Good Routine or Consistency
  3. A Steady Flow of Energy
  4. Support your Metabolism
  5. A Healthy Sustainable Weight

USANA’s new Active Nutrition line introduces a series of products with a lot of science and profound thought behind them.

Introducing the USANA Active Nutrition Product Range

USANA’s new line, Active Nutrition is founded on the principles of gut health, weight management and energy and hydration, as these elements are all linked closely and cover the basics of feeling and looking good. All of this is available through good nutrition that’s also easy to customize to your needs.

Here’s how it works. You decide what benefit you want and take your pick of the supplements accordingly. Are you looking for longer and steadier bounties of energy and a solution for your constant state of dehydration? There’s a group of products for that.

If you want to manage your weight, there’s a group for that as well. And, of course, gut health is in a class of its own.

Nutrimeal Active for Weight Management…or just a healthy drink option.

Nutrimeal Active Protein

You can manage a healthy weight with the food you eat – but it will take you forever to figure out exactly how much and what to eat! That’s where the Nutrimeal and Nutrimeal Active, Metabolism+ and the Peanut Butter Snack Bar all come in.

Nutrimeal is a nutrition shake you can take instead of a meal. It’s rich in the macros you need. Plus, it has all the vitamins and minerals your body often falls short of. The only difference between Nutrimeal and Nutrimeal Active is that the Active contains fifty per cent less sugar.

Metabolism + Helps Use Stored Fat As Energy – Now That Sounds Metabulous

Metabolism Plus

Metabolism+ is the most sought after product within the USANA Active Nutrition line.

It will help you make the most of your fat-burning phases. One of the elements that go into this product is green tea. It’s well-known that a cuppa a day (like the Japanese have it) can keep excess fat away. The other ingredients are grapefruit extracts and bitter orange, both good for keeping your metabolism peaking.

When you crave snacks, there are few things as filling and healthy (with good fats) as some good quality peanut butter.

Active Nutrition for Gut Health – Introducing Fibergy Active

How often on the days you feel fatigued, or sluggish, or just off, have you thought – it’s probably my digestion? A bloated gut can ruin your joy and make you less effective throughout the day. It can ruin a night of restful sleep, and you won’t even know why.

That’s why USANA Active Nutrition has devoted time and affection to coming up with products for your gut health.

Fibergy Active

Since fibre is the best thing you can feed your gut, you should take the Fibergy Active every day. The fibre in it comes from fruit, and antioxidants are also in the mix. There’s also added support in the form of the Prebiotic Fiber Blend and the Biome Booster.

We All Love a Little Tea – Especially when it’s a Detox Tea!

Gut health is critical in overall well-being and often overlooked. With all the chemical additives, flavors and enhancers food manufacturers use these these days it’s no wonder we’ve got gut and health issues. It’s time to trust a company that has your best health in mind.

USANA Detox Tea Drink Mix is a soothing herbal tea for when you’re thirsty or craving something hot. Drink it to soothe bloating and feeling like you’ve overeaten. Like green tea, this tea helps the good bacteria in your gut to do their job.

Detox Tea Drink Mix

I’m Up For A Little More – How About Digestive Protein Drink?

USANA’s Digestive Protein Drink is for you if you don’t enjoy soy or whey. This one is made of other plant proteins. It helps your gut digest better – which has a flow on effect to overall better health and well-being.

This is how this tasty drink can optimize your gut health

  • Abundance of phyto-nutrients supporting overall health
  • Digestive Enzymes are packed in this protein drink to help break down food in your gut minimizing disruption and rumbling
  • A whopping 10g of plant based protein – no cow here!
  • Don’t forget that all important fibre improving your gut microbiome

The digestive protein drink comes in Plain or Lemon Ginger – you also get to choose a bag or single serve sachets for on-the-go (only available in certain markets)

Digestive Health Drink

Active Nutrition for Energy & Hydration

Water water everywhere; that’s what the inside of your body looks like. But it’s still easy to get dehydrated if you’re not keeping up with your daily water requirements.

You need water throughout the day to keep your energy levels up consistently and get this – often, dehydration is often confused with being hungry. So when you’re hungry, reach for some water to see if it takes the edge off. Athletes take sports drinks to stay hydrated. However, sports drinks and electrolytes can be for everyone. The USANA Active Nutrition Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix brings you a blend of minerals, vitamins and electrolytes – and a whole whack of hydration!

Electrolyte Replacement Drink

For an instant boost of steady energy, you can turn to the Rev3 Energy Drink and the Rev3 Energy Surge Packs in the afternoon. These formulations have less GI load than your usual sugary energy drink.

Get In My Belly!! Peanut Butter Snack Bar.

We all have been there. It’s 10.30am and we’ve forgotten breakfast. We’re now unintentionally moved into the intermittent fasting period. Except now at 10.31am we’ve decided – not today! USANA Peanut Butter Snack Bar packs a punch despite it’s 110 calorie frame.

Supplies a decent amount of fibre and apple cider vinegar powder. This delicious treat can fit into any dietary plan and can help you ignore the high fat, over-salted and high calorie alternatives.

Not a fan of Peanut Butter? Check out USANA’s WholeBio Nutrition Bar instead.

Peanut Snack bar

The Bottomline

You’ve got to ask yourself what you want from your nutrition. When you know the answer, you can use the products of the USANA Active Nutrition line effectively.

These products are designed with the full backing of science based research. There’s something in there for any time of day, any need. Once you’ve got your hydration, energy and gut health in mind, and you’re consistent, not only will you you feel the difference in your body but your friends and family might notice also.

Remember. Not every body is the same. It may take you a few days to figure out how Active Nutrition can work for you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

USANA Health Sciences Active Nutrition Range. Salt Lake City. UT

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