USANA Proglucamune For Supporting Your Immune System.

USANA proglucamune

USANA Proglucamune

This morning, you, me and countless others are fighting their way to work bumper-to-bumper on the motorways hoping to make it to work on time.

The thing that most of us do is find it hard to switch off and have our downtime. We seem to be always ready to accept that work call, email or work notification online and we’re always quick to react and respond.

There are so many opportunities to sit back and relax and unwind but we live in growth periods, an exciting age, promising moments in time but also we try and adapt to very stressful times.

Stress Is Hard On Your Immune System

Stress is unhealthy and quick fire way to lower our immune system. As a result, this leaves up open to getting colds over the winter periods.

USANA helps to counter-balance the effects that stress can cause on the body and has produced a modern day immune-support technology with ingredients I bet you never knew helped.

More and More people are asking questions:

What Vitamins Are Best For The Immune System?

How to Decrease Stress?

Supplements for Immune System

Support Healthy Immune – What Is USANA Proglucamune?

Usana Proglucamune
Try USANA Proglucamune

USANA Proglucamune products are made in USANA’s state of the art facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

They place a critical role in the body helping develop immune strength in times of stress. In other words – they help to support a healthy Immune System.

Aside from Proglucamune, USANA Booster C and USANA ProflavanolC 200 and Proflavanol C100 also help to promote immune health.

USANA Proglucamune is made with organic, antioxidant-rich shiitake and reishi mushroom extracts, zinc, and a strain of baker’s yeast. These ingredients taps into the aged medicinal traditions and is available at all approved online USANA Stores.

Engage Your Body With USANA InCelligence

USANA Products have been proven to be unique especially the high quality ingredients they share.

USANA’s bio-active components of both mushrooms and baker’s yeast—known as beta-glucans help to bind to the receptors on the outside of immune cells and trigger cell-signaling pathways.

This mechanism is natural and known as priming.

How Healthy Are Mushrooms?

For centuries mushrooms have donned the table in a variety of different dishes, often becoming a stable entry into our diets.

They have some very effective medicinal properties, especially the Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms because of their ability to support the immune system.

In China, they call it qi – if we can strengthen our qi we can assist with decreasing our stress levels and stay calm.

USANA uses Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms because research shows there is some profound truth to these ancient philosophies – so taking Health Supplements can really help with supporting your immunity.

USANA Proglucamune. Leading Edge Nutrition.

USANA’s Proglucamune goes one step further. The eishi and shiitake mushrooms are grown on deeply pigmented purple corn kernels.

USANA choose to use this purple corn because of the many health benefits it holds. Unlike plants who gather all their nutrients through photosynthesis, mushrooms are harvested rich in anthocyanins because they are extracted directly from the host.

This makes USANA Vitamins some of the best products on the market today. These beta-glucan-infused mushroom extracts are just half of the unique blend that is Proglucamune and this helps and supports your body’s ability to adapt and respond to the effects of stress can have on the immune function.

Bakers Yeast Not Just For Bread.

USANA Proglucamune hosts a powerful blend of rich vitamins and other compounds. Clinically studied strains of bakers yeast has proven to be a powerful addition to the USANA string of vitamins and one of the most important ingredients in USANA Progluamune.

Another ingredient is Beta-glucans.

Beta-glucan are naturally occurring polysaccharides typically found in the cell walls of some bacteria and fungi.

These beta-glucans are very clever. They naturally connect to the receptors of immune cells activating them – now that’s useful.

When the immune cells are activated, they are prepared to help fight off anything that will compromise a immune system like stress, colds and viruses.

All USANA Products and their nutrient blends are balanced and offer important roles in the human body to help promote, support and maintain a healthy immune system.

Lowering Your Stress Levels.

Lets face up and say we’ll more connected to everything at one time than ever before in history. This plays havoc on our bodies and increases our stress responses.

Studies have proven we check our phones and emails multiple times over the course of an already busy day. This tends to release stress hormones that could cause you to open yourself up to getting run down, and a lowered or compromised immune system*

Bakers yeast in USANA Products, in particular, USANA Proglucamune may be the answer you’re looking for to help support the immune response to stress.

USANA Health Sciences Products

USANA manufactures world class nutritionals and with USANA’s new addition to their supplement range USANA Proglucamune, you can be confident you are taking a product that will assist in developing a robust and supportive immune system during the winter months and through stressful situations.

For More Information on Immune System and Supplements visit our Microbiome Blog on this topic

Just something to think about the next time you’re stuck in traffic.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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