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Digestive Health Boost Kit


USANA’s Digestive Health Boost Kit is a comprehensive product design to help improve digestive issues and manage weight.

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Active Nutrition Transform Kit


USANA Active Nutrition Transform Kit is a powerful transformational weight loss program following on from the USANA Jumpstart Program.

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Active Nutrition Maintain Kit


USANA Active Nutrition Maintain Kit is the Phase 2 of the 3 Part Process for managing weight. A month of healthy meal placement shakes and metabolism boosting products.

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Active Nutrition Jumpstart Kit


USANA Active Nutrition Jumpstart Kit is a comprehensive alternative approach to a healthier weight management. Phase 1 of a 3 Phase Weight Management Program.

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Electrolyte Replacement Drink


Product Limited to 2 per one time order

USANA Electrolyte Replacement Drink infuses your water with beneficial electrolytes for after training or exercise.

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USANA Peanut Butter Snack Bar


USANA Peanut Butter Bar packs a punch with it’s fiber, protein and blend of real whole ingredients to starve off hunger to help with your long term weight loss goals.

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Detox Tea Mix


Product Limited to 2 per one time order per day.

USANA Detox Tea Mix is a soothing peppermint flavored blend of gut-calming botanicals and herbs.

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USANA Metabolism+


Product Limited to 2 x one time order per day.
Metabolism+ increases the rate at which your body burns stored fat as energy helping to achieve a healthier weight.

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