USANA HealthPak For Weight Loss

USANA HealthPack Sachets

USANA HealthPak for Weight Loss

The USANA HealthPak not only is a potent core-supplement pack that provides daily nutrition for our modern lives’ and busy schedules – but it can help smash your weight loss goals.

When varied diets become challenging to manage, experts support taking supplements that can fill the gaps. If you’re trying to lose weight, combining the right supplements with a low-GI diet can help you reach your weight-loss goals more effectively. The USANA HealthPak’s monthly supplement packs are designed to be taken wherever you are, with ease of mind, despite time constraints.

Each of the 28 packets combines bio-available essential nutrients, plus additional support for healthy aging.


USANA NZ Vitamin HealthPak

Each packet contains 2 tablets of Vita-Antioxidant and 2 tablets of Core Minerals formulations, which aids in delivering essential micro-nutrients. Together, the two USANA Products are designed to provide a broad spectrum of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that offer nutritional support for the entire body.

Besides, the HealthPak contains one USANA MagneCal D tablet and one CellSentials Booster (exclusive to the HealthPak) all of which will help you stay on track with your weight-loss goals.

Achieving Complete Nutrition Through a Combination of Lean Foods and Powerful Supplements

Our bodies need a minimum daily dose of nutrients to stay alert, activated, and energized all day. The minimum HealthPak dose varies for each individual by lifestyle and activities, but there’s one common difficulty across the board – most of us tend to me an arms length away from food.

We therefore tend to over eat and consume more energy dense (and at times nutrient-less) foods, so we need often a calorie deficit in order to lose weight effectively.

But when you cut out foods from your diet, you lose out on essential nutrients that your cells are thirsty for. When you skip breakfast or just grab a bagel for lunch, you may become irritable or exhausted when your body tries to digest those high Gi food options.

That’s where dietary supplements can deliver the missing nutrients for most people and supply the body with that all important energy support.

What Does The USANA HealthPak Do?

The USANA HealthPak is intended to do supply those missing nutrients when the body is either on a calorie controlled weight loss program; but they are most often used as an every day super-nutrient vitamin support pack for healthy minded individuals.

The HealthPak is formulated to complement modern lifestyles and weight-loss programs to the extent that the USANA Vitamins have been packaged in convenient AM and PM packs you can simply pick and go.

The vitamins themselves contain a comprehensive balance of nutrients that support your cells need to function at full throttle. The Vita-Antioxidant and Core

Minerals offer are loaded with the components of other nutrients that support the immune system, the cardiovascular system, muscles and tissue, nervous system, the cells, the brain and eyes, thyroid, muscle and tissue, energy and metabolism, the bones and joints.

  • USANA HealthPak is one of the most used Supplement Packs for over 3,000 Professional Elite Athletes.

What’s in the HealthPak?

The USANA HealthPak contains

  • 2 x Anti Oxidants
  • 2 x Multi Minerals
  • 1 x Anti Oxidant Booster (HealthPak exclusive)
  • 1 x MagneCal D.

It is imperative that your body readily absorbs nutrients – gut health is critical at any stage of life and ensuring the intake of USANA Probiotics (not part of the USANA HealthPak) but will help prepare the gut in a weight loss program.

A good supplement will contain bio-available nutrients, designed and manufactured in the dosage form that will be most effective.

USANA HealthPak is designed to be available for your body’s needs – guaranteed potency, uniformity and to be bio-available to the body.

In addition to the core vitamins and minerals, there are some nutrients that we usually get from leafy greens and fruits.

Those who have a low intake of greens and fruits may suffer from essential nutrient deficiencies. For them, the power of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are all packed into each tablet of MagneCal D.

These nutrients are critical for bone, muscle, cell health and energy metabolism.

The CellSentials Booster Vitamin is a product of four nutrients that give your body additional support and a boost of energy and toxin-flushing action.

Each Booster tablet contains Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA, a natural compound produced in the body. ALA plays a vital role in cellular and metabolic functions.

Quercetin is a flavonoid (plant pigment) found in onions, buckwheat tea, berries and other plants and foods. It has strong free-radical-fighting abilities, helping to remove toxins from the body.

Another natural, beneficial compound Pterocarpus marsupium extract with pterostilbene provides the benefits of several medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-obesity antioxidant effects.

The olive-fruit extract Olivol also has antioxidant properties, often used in moisturizers and oral supplements.

Combine with USANA Nutrimeal & RESET Program for Weight Loss

Taking the USANA HealthPak regularly twice a day will help you fulfill your dietary needs and head towards a healthier, happier you.

But if you’re trying to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy weight, you’ll want to switch to a low glycemic (GI) diet.

The USANA Nutrimeal & RESET Program is designed to jump-start a healthier routine. It helps to “reset” any tendencies to overeat, make poor eating choices late at night, and cave in to cravings.

USANA Nutrimeal Protein Shakes

The 5 Day RESET Kit included with the program also comes with 10 x HealthPak daily packets to give you a complete, balanced nutritional punch during your Weight Loss Program.

The Nutrimeal & RESET 5 Day Program comes with single-serve packs of complete proteins, high fibre (USANA Fibergy) low-GI carbs and beneficial fats. Along with these, you’ll find probiotic sticks to improve gut microbiome.

The gut microbiome is a highly-researched, important aspect of a healthy body, and it can affect the absorption and proper use of nutrients in your body.

The RESET Program also comes with guidelines to help you transition from your current diet to a healthy, low-GI diet.

The recommendation is to slowly replace some of your meals with the Nutrimeal packets available in a few different flavors.

You can combine this routine with the USANA HealthPak supplements and wholefood snacks or try My Action Projects Weight Loss Meal Plans to continue on with losing weight after the RESET program.

Integrate with Exercise and Good Habits for Best Effects

healthy couple on beach

Stay Focused on Your USANA HealthPak for Weight Loss Approach

Your weight-loss efforts will be wasted and unsustainable if you rely solely on a common diet. Consistent and moderate exercise will help keep your metabolism at the top of its game, so you’ll see results much faster than if you simply cut down on high-fat and high-carb foods.

Exercise will bring oxygen to your lungs if it’s cardio that you’re doing. If your resistance training helps you build muscle, it will keep your metabolism up for longer.

Remember, muscle weighs 2.5 x more than fat, so muscle is an excellent fat burner – you just need to keep it activated and keep resistance training.

We all love to burn calories even when you’re not working out! Muscle helps us do just that!

Staying hydrated is also crucial to enjoy the maximum benefits of the USANA HealthPak. Dehydration causes the regular functions of your body to slow down.

Drinking water or unsweetened coconut water can keep you hydrated. Fruit juices are best avoided, as they contain too much sugar to be a substitute for water.

Finally – it’s also vital for your body to get the proper rest it needs for everything to function normally.

If you find it challenging to switch off, try USANA Pure Rest or use their new Stress Relief product to help reduce stress and have a deeper more restful sleep.

A combination of the USANA HealthPak, the Nutrimeal and RESET Program, and good habits will help you get to the weight-loss goals you want to achieve.

Get out there and change the world!

USANA Products. Manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT


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