How to Join USANA

How to join USANA

USANA Health Sciences is a global manufacturer of nutritional, weight management, and skincare products. Read on with full instructions on How To Join USANA.

They have been operating successfully providing over 600,000 customers with health approaches to supplementation for over 30 years. Today, USANA operates in over 28 markets internationally and has plans to expand even further.

What Types of USANA Memberships Are There?

We offer two types of membership options (well, there are really several actually) but generally, you can either become a USANA Preferred Customer or start a business with USANA and become a Distributor and earn commissions.

Or email us your questions on [email protected]

What is a USANA Preferred Customer

You can either purchase USANA Products as a one-off order, which means you can return to the USANA Shop and order away. Or you can Join USANA as a Preferred Customer.

A USANA Preferred Customer allows you to save when you order on a regular basis. It’s like your very own Vitamin Subscription where you commit to a monthly automatic order. You get to save up to 20% off the retail order prices and you also get a further 10% when you add auto-order to your account.

Oh yes, It’s also FREE.

USANA offers free accounts where you can join as a preferred customer, access health resources, and first to market new product lines, specials, competitions, and product bundle deals that retail customers don’t get to see.

USANA Auto Order

When you join as a USANA Preferred Customer you get the option of either ordering a one-off order or creating an Auto-Order each month.

There is no commitment to stay on auto-order, you can stop, pause, or cancel your orders at any time and USANA also offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee across their entire range.

There’s No minimum order requirement and you can pause your orders, then start up again at a later stage if you need to.

So it’s safe to say…you can crack on and become a customer and move towards a healthier you.

What is a USANA Business and How To Join USANA.

We offer a unique opportunity to partner with one of the leading nutritional suppliers globally as a USANA Business Associate – and run your own business from home – in fact, from anywhere you might be, and from any device, you might own.

USANA offers several distributorship options. You can start with a Business Development System (BDS) which equates to either $29.95 to $40.00 depending on the country you’re based in.

Once you own a Business Development System, you can either build up product orders to activate a business center or buy outright, a pack of USANA’s Products so you can test them, or sell them if you prefer.

Most people get started with a business pack inclusive of the Business Development System (BDS)

USANA Business Distributor Packs range from $200 to $1100, again depending on the country you live in. Your business pack comes with the tools you need to succeed in business.

100% of the business pack is delivered back in USANA products – plus you get access to a next-generation custom-designed USANA product store (your personal website) fully integrated with e-commerce – you don’t need to do a thing – it’s ready to go when you join and you can start to share USANA instantly.

If you click the link below, you will follow through the process of joining as a USANA Associate (which is a business owner) and you will be connected with a mentor, or reach out if you have questions

[email protected]

Once you become a USANA Business owner you will have a full suite of USANA marketing material.

You get 100% full access to:

  • Professional Videography
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Social Media Shareables with product links
  • Print Tools, Infographics, Pamphlets or send product books
  • Create Business Presentations or use existing templates
  • Share products links on email, social media, or via your own personal website
How To Join USANA Business

USANA Media Center has thousands of media to help you grow your business internationally.

USANA Shareable Product Links – An Online Game Changer.

USANA has created a very unique marketing system where you can share entire product categories or individual products on social media or through your business website.

These product links are ever-green. This means they stay on and active no matter where they go.

Let’s say, you share a product link of USANA Celavive Serum on your Facebook feed. If a friend shares that link and it ends up on a random friend’s social feed on the other side of the world – the unique shareable link stays connected to your shop.

You get paid if someone loves your review, and purchases the product.

What are the benefits of a USANA Business?

Owning a USANA business offers an opportunity to let your creative juices fly. We all love to share and recommend products we love right? Except often, we just don’t get paid.

When was the last time you went to the movies and then told a friend about it? Did the Cinema send you a commission check to say thanks? Probably not.

When you share USANA products with others, you get an opportunity to gain commissions. When you invite a friend to review USANA and they get started, you earn commissions off your friend’s efforts too.

Watch to learn more about the USANA Business Opportunity


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