3 Proven Strategies for a Faster Way to Fat Loss

Faster Way To Fat Loss

3 Proven Strategies for a Faster Way to Fat Loss

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We know; there are often there are confusing messages when it comes to Losing Weight Fast.

Don’t Run, only walk.

No, you should Run – get that heart pumping!

You should practice Intermittent Fasting, but only on the weekends.

No – wait! I heard you should Eat High Fat and No Carbs.

My friend did a Carb Only Weight Loss Program – she lost 496.2 lbs.

…and we often wonder why people go

from diet to diet because with most things, we’ll give up at the hint of things not working out.

Faster Way To Fat Loss

When it comes to Weight Loss, we want to do it only once. If it’s an effective weight loss program, like the USANA RESET followed with an effective post RESET weight loss meal plan strategy, then only once is enough.

Following a science-based program that engineered by the Nutritional Research Scientists at USANA’s facilities in Salt Lake City and cross referenced for effectiveness with University of Monash’s Obesity Clinic researchers – you’ll find this approach to be an effective, faster way to losing bodyfat.

You see, many quick fixes are destined to fail because the mechanics behind the diet are not based on anything other than calorie deficiencies.

When the body receives, let say, 3000 energy deficient, fat and sugar rich calories and your new-found ‘diet’ provides only 700 calories, then of course the body will lose weight.

You will find that this weight loss will mostly be made up of muscle loss because the muscle is not being supported with sufficient protein intake.

Muscle weight 2.5 x more than fat – so the scale will be showing a loss, whereas you’ll often find a Nutritionist or Dietician who would conduct body fat measurements that your bodyfat will more likely still be the same and you will be smaller version of yourself…but with less muscle.

Not exactly what you were hoping for.

Science Based Weight Loss Strategies.

When it comes to fat loss. You need to support the muscle which in turn supports your skeletal system. You also want to hold onto as much muscle as you can during any sort of fast weight loss program.

If you gain 2lbs of muscle (900g muscle) then you will metabolise (burn) nearly 7lbs (3.1kg) bodyfat in a year. You can see now our first weight loss strategy.

So the 3 Proven Strategies for Faster Fat Loss are:

1: Strength Training for Weight Loss

Lifting weights

As a Nutritionist, I have always suggested, both men and women include a strength based, or resistance-based training program as part of a way to burn fat fast*

Increasing your muscle burns more fat! Simple as that.

We have often found a straightforward gym routine coupled with moderate cardio program after weights to be an effective strategy for losing weight fast. Don’t be concerned about bulking up and looking like a gym junkie; you will not get massive muscles, you will however lose unwanted fat and tone up nicely.

Burning your stored glycogen (basically carbohydrates in the muscles and liver) will be used for energy during your 30 to 40-minute strength training session – this leaves the fat you’re wanting to lose to be used as the sole energy source while you’re doing cardio.

Aim for at least 30 mins of Weight Training.

2: High Intensity or Low Intensity Cardio for Fat Loss?

female boxer

The question is often asked, should I do high intensity cardio or is low intensity cardio better for fat loss.

I like to think that any movement on a consistent basis for at least 45 minutes a day is effective for overall cardiovascular fitness and degenerative disease prevention.

However, if I was to get a little more technical. Research suggests that low intensity cardio post strength training for fat loss would be effective.

Remember that a protein has 4 calories per gram, fat has 9 calories per gram.

So – if you’re sprinting, the body will be converting glucose (4 calories) for faster supply of energy to the body more than it would be converting fat (9 calories) for energy.

So, a faster way to fat loss is to keep your energy output lower on the cardio equipment so your body has time to break down fat for energy…plus remember your resistance training has drained a lot of the glucose within your muscle.

Try and aim for a minimum of 20 mins….crank into 35-45 minutes if you are able to.

3: USANA Nutrimeal RESET Program


The science is clear.

Eating a energy dense moderate calorie based programs are the faster way to fat loss – don’t forget though – a diet has an end date and when your weight loss has reached a point where you’re happy, you may slip back into older habits and you’ll be back to the same spot you were before – vicious cycle.

The USANA Nutrimeal RESET Program has been proven to help individuals reset their metabolism so it speeds up the rate at which your body burns fat. Developing faster ways to fat loss motivates an individual to carry on and focus on the end results. The USANA RESET Program is simply awesome!

We love burning fat fast!

The USANA RESET Kit has all the nutritional requirements over its initial 5 days. It covers the full spectrum of proteins, essential fats and carbohydrates so you don’t crave bad foods, you won’t feel hungry and it’s motivating because feel so much better when your body is working at it’s peak.

You get to replace some of the not so healthy options you have chosen over the day with a low GI, delicious, fiber enriched, protein packed smoothie with low GI food options for lunch and dinner. Meal plan and snack options are included.

The USANA RESET Program has been used by thousands of people for years and is one of the most effective weight loss programs on the market. Why? Because it’s effective!

It allows the slow integration of healthier food choices after your initial 5 days so over time, you get to change your habits and live a cleaner, healthier life.

Lets Wrap It Up

So there you have it – it’s not rocket science is it and I’d say you’ve heard it before.

3 fundamental, basic principles for faster fat loss. Resistance training, or strength training in the gym coupled with lower intensity cardio, either on the bike, the stepper or get outside and power-walk keeping your heart rate roughly 120-140 b/per minute and start with the USANA 5 Day RESET Kit followed with a low GI eating program.

If you would like some suggestions that will continue your weight loss journey. Read up on some options here faster way to fat loss meal plans My Action Project has a global following and crafts some simple meal plan solutions post USANA RESET.

Remember – a faster way to fat loss is all about consistency. Stay consistent and ask yourself this question when you are about to eat something – Will in nourish me, Will it supply me with good energy, Is it Healthy.

All the best.

*Discuss with a medical or health professional if this type of exercise is right for you
USANA Products are manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT




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