3 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Take USANA Vitamins

USANA Incelligence Foods

When someone stumbles across a good thing, they generally share it with others. Well – we’ve stumbled across 3 things.

So read on to learn 3 powerful reasons you should review USANA’s range of premium supplements.

USANA Health Sciences (USANA USA) was formed off the back of a world-renowned and talented Microbiologist and Immunologist, Dr. Myron Wentz.

Let me put it in perspective; USANA Health Sciences is to Vitamins like Michael Jordan is to Basketball, or Tiger Woods is to Golf – you get my point. Dr. Wentz leads the nutritional science space by producing world-class, science-based nutritional and personal care systems.

Those who have taken USANA don’t need reasons to continue taking them, they feel that the USANA Supplements are effective.

It’s a product that they trust and when it comes to your health – and in health, trust is critical. So let’s walk you through quickly the 3 Reasons Why You Should Take USANA Vitamins.

1) Ground Breaking Nutritional Science

USANA Microscope

USANA owns its own state-of-the-art, FDA Approved Facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. They manufacture in-house their range of products.

Most recently, they built alongside their existing plant, a new food production line so they could keep a close eye on the production of their new range Active Nutrition. 

USANA USA isn’t just a vitamin company, it’s so much more than that. USANA has over 100 scientists, and experts in biochemistry, genetics, cellular biology, human nutrition, and natural product chemistry.

Each team is working around the clock on new product developments within the science of nutrition.

Each day they are identifying new opportunities to help decrease chronic degenerative diseases by offering nutritional solutions and updating existing brand formulas when new research is presented.

This panel of experts aligns with other institutes like the University of Washington, University of Texas Medical Branch, UNC Pembroke UC Davis, and Sanoviv Medical Institute; each collaborating with research to identify new areas of interest in health and wellness.

As the raw ingredients enter the facility, they are kept in quarantine and tested for 4 months to ensure the purity, potency, and uniformity of the raw materials before they enter the production stage.

At the end of the production line, each batch is tested with 3rd party independent testers to ensure you, the end user, are receiving the highest quality nutritional support products on the market today.

2) Guarantee Potency

USANA Incelligence Foods

At USANA, we are so mindful of delivering the best nutritional system on the nutritional market today, and ensuring we maintain the quality, purity, and potency of our product we enlist the help of accredited quality assurance companies to check our product at any stage during the manufacturing process.

This ensures our customers are receiving nothing but the best.

In the laboratory, we use validated analytical methods to make sure it meets the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) strict guidelines for nutritional supplements.

USANA USA also tests for unwanted contaminants during the manufacturing process and in the finished product lines, this is secondary to the initial testing protocols we use when the raw ingredients were quarantined.

So Are USANA Vitamins Good?

Well over 3,600 Professional and Olympic Athletes take USANA. It’s a testament to the quality. You see, Athletes push their bodies to their maximum, it’s the demand on every muscle fiber in their body is pushed, day in and day out.

Their requirement for optimal nutrition is critical, as are excellent nutritional supplements. USANA is the first and only company to offer professional Athletes a USD $1 Million Dollar Guarantee that there is not one product in our range that will contain contaminants that would test that athlete positive in a drug test.

USANA in the USA has guaranteed potency and uniformity levels and guaranteed label claims – what’s on the label is inside the bottle! Can’t find better nutritional supplements than that

3) USANA. The Forefront of Advanced, Unique Technologies


USANA USA isn’t new to offering leading-edge technology with their products.

They are built on simple principles. Feed the cells exactly what they need and your body will respond with the greatest of health.

USANA has received numerous annual awards from Innovation in Management to Innovation in Product Design and Development.

Their patents on product technology are far and wide. Through hard work, research, and patience USANA received a patent for groundbreaking technology.

A nutritional technology so great, it stumped some of the most advanced minds in science that they continued on with their research to understand more about this science.

USANA Incelligence Technology speaks your cell’s language. Imagine supplying your body with the correct amounts of nutrition, perfectly balanced to support your body’s natural ability to respond to stress, promoting healthy, robust human cells.

USANA USA has developed an understanding of using particular nutrients, in specific balances to target cell-signaling pathways supporting your body in ways you can probably never comprehend.

What makes this outstanding innovation in nutritional science so incredible – is USANA products that have the Incelligence Technology.

USANA USA has branched out to over 30 markets around the world and still continues to break new territory by producing to the highest standards.

Their ingredients still undergo some of the most rigorous testing procedures, that are generally kept exclusively for pharmaceutical drugs  – and these vitamin supplements are still carefully packaged and are available for you to consume.

USANA USA – USANA Health Sciences, Salt Lake City, UT

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