3 Most Valuable Supplements For Men For 2022

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Let’s face it men. As hardy and tough as you think you are, your bodies are as delicate as a daffodil on a windy day – but we won’t mention that to anyone.

I know you might be thinking ‘Supplements For Men’ pfft! Who needs them! Supplements are about as useful as a glass hammer and I can get all my nutrients from food.

Is that right!

There will be a few (or few thousand in fact) of Nutritionists, Biochemists, Doctors, Dieticians and general health advocates who are undoubtably clear, that it is completely impossible to get all your full spectrum of nutrients from food alone.

I won’t get into the research to prove our points, because lets face it – men often don’t bother reading instructions. Why start reading research!

But think back to today, what did you eat? How much filtered water are you having? Are you consistently having 5 to 9 servings of fresh vegetables a day?

It’s 2022 and our bodies are crying out for good nutrients – degenerative disease is not a disease for the elderly. Men has young as 30 are having incidence of heart disease and diabetes.

Men! Listen up. It’s time.

Time to check into reality and check out the 3 Most Valuable Supplements For Men in 2022

USANA HealthPak

Don’t baulk at the price of $133 USD. You would happily spend this on one drill at Home Depot – anyway, these USANA HealthPak Vitamin Supplements are designed with you in mind.


Because they are a month (or 2 month if you want to take it easy) supply of almost everything you need to stay on top of the health game

The USANA HealthPak has pillow pockets, about 60 of them. Each pocket has a set of vitamins for the AM (that’s the morning with food) and another set for the PM (and one set with dinner)

Okay – so why two lots?

These bad boys are manufactured by the worlds leading researchers for human nutrition. Over 100+ scientists work for USANA Health Sciences Research and Development and know exactly what your body requires on a daily basis.

So take a set in the morning and a set at night. Trust us. Your body will thank you for it. They are packed full of minerals, antioxidants, calcium and antioxidant boosters.

They are easy. No bottle pill bottle fatigue here. Pop them in your pocket if you’re rushing out the door or in your truck to have with lunch instead.

This is why we recommend the USANA HealthPak as the No.1 Choice of Supplement to take for Men.

USANA Palmetto Plus

Palmetto Plus is one of those supplements that you really shouldn’t bypass. Going to the Dr to get an annual check up has somewhat turned into a 5 year check up. Men often sit back and take a ‘it’ll be right’ approach.

Many men push through and get on with it whereas this is the last thing you are supposed to do.

Looking after yourself, and tending to any issues, mental or physical needs to be your utmost priority. Burying your head in the sand and taking a causal approach will not make anything go away.

Your life might just be on the line! We don’t want that.

So let’s talk briefly about your bits. The bits that are kept in your underwear, the bit that are also in the back end of your underwear and that little walnut of a gland is called the Prostate.

This gland is a muscle driven mechanical switch between peeing and ejaculation – if you want to keep these two things working well. I suggest you get that annual check up and take Palmetto Plus. A powerful support formula to help maintain the health of the male physiology.

This is why it’s made it as Number 2 on the Top 3 Most Valuable Supplements for Men List.

USANA Procosa

Mens bodies, and women for that matter get a hammering on a daily basis. We work hard, and we at times, stress our joints beyond what is normal. The sport, the running, the swimming and yard work.

We start to get these aches and pains earlier than have ever before and because our bodies so not get the required about of nutrients, our joints start to fail us a little earlier than we had hoped for.

USANA Procosa (Or Procosamine in some markets) is a powerful blend of joint nutrients that support healthy cartilage. The synovial fluid in between your joints allow for the smooth movement of that joint enabling it to work as it’s intended.

Over time, and of over use, the synovial fluids tend to seep out of the joint and then you end up with a bone of bone situation that could continue to worsen and cause pain.

Looking after the joint by taking USANA Procosa helps prevent the loss of synovial fluid and ensures the joints work freely, for longer.

USANA Procosa is a patented product with a 29x higher bioavailability that it’s competition on the market and this makes it the 3rd most valuable vitamin supplement for men in 2022.

What to Look For In Supplements

Women and a spy glass

There are quite literally, thousands of supplement brands and it can get confusing with what to look for in supplements. It won’t take me too long to explain – there is a difference and it is critical you understand what it is.

Food Standard Grade Vitamins

Food Standard products are the stock standard and seen everywhere in pharmacies, drug stores, Walmarts, supermarkets and sadly, even some are recommendated by some drug-trained Doctors.

Remember, Doctors spend years studying drugs and less than one day in six years is spent learning about alternative nutrients for the body. Vitamins and Minerals.

These types of brands are driven by marketing and hype over quality or research of their product. Often the grade of these vitamin products are so low some brands have been recognized by their brand name, undissolved in the bottom of the toilet. True Story!

Mostly, these supplement types rely on brand awareness to sell. The more you see them at eye level in the supermarket, at some point when you’re in the looking zone. You’ll buy them.

Avoid at all costs. They cost cents to make, the nutrients are untested and often Vitamin Recalls are everywhere due to the lack of testing and quality control measures.

Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin Supplements

This is the type of quality you are looking for in a vitamin supplement brand. Pharmaceutical Grade is next level in quality control.

Often the facility is FDA Registered. The nutrients they allow in to the facility undergo rigorous testing for months before they are allowed into the next phase of development.

The research and development behind the nutrient profile is so sophisticated it’s hard to believe that they allow to sell food grade supplements when in fact, there is so many superior alternatives and help improve and maintain our health.

Is USANA FDA Registered?

USANA’s facility is a FDA registered facility and is licenced to manufacture drugs.

Bear in mind, they choose to manufacture only the highest quality vitamin supplement products, and Active Nutrition Food Range to the exacting standards that drugs are made to. But they are supplemental to your food.

Put that into perspective. You now have access and are aware that you are able to take each day the worlds leading brand of supplements, made to the highest standard there is into todays market with the highest bioavailability and uniformity on the planet.

Despite how you choose to eat, I know you prefer to have good things go into your body.

We don’t knowingly want to ingest things that are bad for our health but we do this each day, time after time. Our foods are sprayed very heavily with pesticides and other harmful sprays. The least we can do to help negate some of these effects are to supplement with good nutrients, ones we can trust.

You can trust USANA Health Sciences. Over 3,000 professional, Olympic Athletes trust their bodies, their health and their careers to USANA Products.

They are trusted. They are guaranteed.

Guaranteed to be free from all contaminents that would test an athlete postive in a drug test – this is why they choose to take this product over anything else.

So when you’re ready. Grab some of, all all 3 of the most valuable supplements for men for this year. Don’t just take one, for a month take them daily – forever. It’ll be the best health insurance you’ve ever had.

Get Your USANA Vitamin Subscription

USANA offer their loyal customers a discount by ordering monthly. This is called Auto Order.

You have access to their entire range of supplements, discounted at 20% off their retail price. To take advantage of this check out the Vitamin Subscription and sign up. Cancel anytime and certainly No obligations.

Enjoy. Stay Healthy!

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