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The challenges of succeeding in today’s fast-paced world are ever-growing and you need a sharp mind to stay ahead of the pack.

But it’s no secret that this information age is always evolving: meaning we are constantly subject to new kinds of distractions that get in the way, and of course, this only becomes more of a problem as we age – until now.

USANA Health Sciences, the leader in health-based technology has developed powerful brain health supplements with brain-boosting nootropics, CopaPrime+, designed to improve your mental clarity and allow for more focus and alertness in your day to day life.

Understanding Nootropics


Nootropics are a combination of several food products and herbs, as well as well researched drugs that have shown to have a positive benefit on our mental health and overall brain function.

Think of nootropics as a sports supplement to strengthen your brain. The same way a bodybuilder takes protein powder to strengthen his or her muscles, a person with high daily mental demands would take a nootropic rich brain health supplements like USANA CopaPrime+ to strengthen their cognitive capacity.

Brain Health Supplements – High Octane Fuel for your Brain

Putting just any brain health supplement in your body and hoping it works is like putting on a blindfold and throwing a dart at a dartboard – the chances of hitting the bullseye are slim to none.

CopaPrime+ combines centuries-old Asian medicine with well-researched ingredients of today, that are produced from the highest quality available on the market.

These high-quality ingredients are combined with a healthy mix of bacopa and coffee-fruit extract, which makes up USANA’s patented InCelligence Cognitive-Support Complex. The benefits of this unmatched combination include but are not limited to:

  • Short and long-term memory enhancement
  • Improved focus, alertness, motivation, information retention
  • Improved mood and sense of wellness
  • Overall preservation of mental sharpness as you age

American Ginseng

Each serving of CopaPrime+ contains a healthy dose of American Ginseng. This incredible herb has been used in Chinese culture for centuries and has shown to be an excellent catalyst in helping with brain support in various ways.

For starters, ginseng promotes the healthy production of an important neurotransmitter called acetylcholine (ACh). Ginseng allows for more ACh to be created by positively affecting its conversion from choline in your cholinergic system.

It’s also important to note that ginseng protects your brain cells from harmful oxidative stress, acting as an powerful antioxidants for your brain.


Effective brain health supplements contain several key compounds, herbs and powerful nutrients that help to support brain health.

One herb is Bacopa and it’s one part of the InCelligence Cognitive-Support Complex. This special herb that has been used through Ayurveda for many centuries.

Bacopa works to target and improve the cell receptors in your brain that regulate your ability to comprehend information. Furthermore, Bacopa improves your sense of wellness and overall mood.

Like ginseng, Bacopa also has a positive benefit on ACh production and also improves memory capacity.

Lastly, Bacopa is a type of adaptogen, which makes your brain more capable of adapting to higher stress levels – in stressful times, this is extremely beneficial.

Whole Coffee-Fruit Extract

Coffee Extract

While most people sip their morning coffee as a means to wake up, there are a lot more benefits in that cup than they realize.

The coffee-fruit extract found in CopaPrime+ contains a healthy amount of polyphenols called chlorogenic acid, without the high amount of caffeine normally found in a cup of coffee.

It has also been shown to increase the amount of BDNF, an important protein that promotes the health of motor neurons in the brain. Bacopa has a synergistic effect on the brain when being used.

That is to say, the longer you supplement with it, the better the effects are.

Another reason to enjoy your morning coffee.

Stay Focused for a Happier Personal Life

It’s not easy trying to balance the tasks of a full-time career and a family. Sometimes it feels like you need to be at 3 places at once. That’s why now more than ever, it’s important to make the most of your time and not get caught up in the world of distractions we’re currently in.

A strong concentration is a valuable tool to have but tends to be scarce in this world of social media and pop up ads.

The aging process further complicates our ability to retain information the way we used to and having to spend extra time finishing past-due work projects can take away from valuable family time that you need to recharge your mental and emotional batteries.

It’s important to not let your relationships and family life suffer on account of poor cognitive strength.

Accepting that brain health supplements, like CopaPrime+ provides your brain with powerful nutrients and antioxidants to help maintain that focus and mental drive to get the job done effectively, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor with your loved ones.

Improve Your Overall Health with CopaPrime+

USANA Supplements
Buy USANA CopaPrime+

One of the most overlooked reasons why you absolutely need to remain focused is the indirect impact it has on your overall health.

Higher stress levels as a result of overly demanding schedules can result in a wide range of negative health impacts. People with poor time management often choose fast-food options for nourishment and have little to no time to devote to healthy activities like daily exercise.

Getting those distractions out of your life and having the sharp mind you need to complete the tasks at hand on time will open up time in your day to devote to preparing healthy meals and outdoor activities or working out.

This will reduce stress levels, improve your overall health and lessen the risk of developing brain challenges – plus we understand that healthier choices add years to your life. 

Technology has been a great tool for the planet as a whole to share information and improve our day to day lives.

There has, however, been a downfall to this information age we’ve built and its detrimental effects can take something very valuable from you, time.

Don’t lose that time you have to stay focused, be productive, and enjoy life and you certainly shouldn’t forget your brain health supplements.

Place your order for CopaPrime+ today and enjoy a sharpened and more present mind and make life’s distractions a thing of the past.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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